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Our tree company, 6488 Heritage, West Bloomfield, MI 48322, is your trusted local resource, meeting all residential and commercial tree care needs across the greater West Bloomfield area for nearly 20 years. 

At West Bloomfield Tree Service & Removal, our experienced crews tackle tree pruning, removals, plant health care, and storm damage response with ethics at the forefront. Licensed and insured, we deploy premium equipment for proper tree care that sustains safety and beauty on your property for decades to come. 

With competitive rates, free estimates, and roots firmly planted in this community, we have the know-how and determination to leave every customer 100% satisfied while enhancing the lush landscapes that make our corner of Michigan an urban escape. Let us care for your trees like none other.
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We Don't Play Games With Your Trees or Your Money

With estimates and scheduled services always offered at no obligation, as well as competitive rates and fair pricing, West Bloomfield Tree Service establishes open, trusting relationships with property owners seeking to maintain beautiful, thriving landscapes.
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A Tree Service Company That Makes You Smile

Our friendly, certified arborists have nearly 15 years of experience advising West Bloomfield area homeowners and business owners on solutions to enhance their property’s beauty sustainably while avoiding the pitfalls of trending “bargain” tree care.

30 Trucks Ready to Go!

With an unrivaled fleet of 30 specialty vehicles - from towering cranes and wood chippers to aerial lift trucks and stump grinders - manned by our extensively trained forestry teams, we have the right tree service equipment needed to tackle residential and commercial projects, small or large across West Bloomfield and surrounding areas efficiently and responsibly based on each property's unique needs.

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Exceptionally Affordable Rates

When property owners require tree care, they can have total confidence knowing our exceptionally affordable rates deliver professional quality matched only by our customer service. We’ve built trust in this community by transparently pricing tree pruning, removal, storm response, and other services reasonably without surprises. Our low rates make responsible tree ownership easy.

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Servicing ALL Michigan Cities

As a local tree removal company in 6488 Heritage, West Bloomfield, MI 48322, with deep roots in providing ethical, expert services across southeast Michigan landscapes, we have the work ethic, resources, and rapid response teams available for residential and commercial clients elsewhere statewide facing tree hazards, disease, storm damages or simply needing beautification. Wherever unforeseen circumstances or planned projects call for our professional diagnosis.

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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

When dangerous weather events strike or beloved trees abruptly fail, West Bloomfield area homes and businesses can trust our emergency tree removal teams, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to swiftly and safely resolve large and small issues. We’ve responded urgently to customer calls for road clearance, electrical line hazards, leaning/uprooted trees threatening buildings after storms like derechos, and more.

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Our Michigan Arborists are Awesome!

When seeking trusted tree care in the West Bloomfield area, you can feel at ease knowing our team of arborists has experience enhancing local landscapes sustainably. Licensed arborists lead every customer consultation and service job, leveraging extensive training to assess tree health comprehensively while providing science-backed treatment plans for issues like disease, damage, and overgrowth.

Their expertise informs our tailored solutions to beautify properties through techniques encouraging vigor and growth cycles benefitting generations. With a genuine passion for the natural world and a caring bedside manner, our arborists build rapport by educating communities on best practices for thoughtful tree stewardship. Give us a call to get started today!

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