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Our tree services are delivered with unparalleled excellence by our team of certified arborists, seasoned professionals, and skilled technicians. Each service is executed with precision and a deep understanding of tree care, ensuring your landscape thrives under our expert care.

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When You Need Tree Services, Call in the Professionals!

With nearly 15 years of enhancing local landscapes, our professional arborists and extensively trained crews safely remove undesirable or hazardous trees of any size from West Bloomfield residential and commercial properties using ethical practices and industry-leading equipment to eliminate dangers while minimizing impact to surrounding trees and structures.

Tree Removal

With deep roots in the community, our professional arborists and extensively trained crews utilize industry-leading equipment to expertly and safely remove trees while minimizing impact on properties across West Bloomfield and surrounding areas. Call us for a FREE estimate when you've got a tree that needs to be removed. We're here to get the job done safely.

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Emergency Tree Service

When dangerous weather strikes, rely on our around-the-clock emergency tree crews to swiftly respond to downed trees and branches threatening your property's safety. We operate 24/7 to expertly remedy residential and commercial storm damage, prioritizing access clearance and electrical line hazards before tackling debris removal.

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Stump Grinding

Our professional stump grinding services remove unwanted tree stumps and roots without disturbing your landscape. Using advanced equipment, we eliminate stumps large and small - whether recently cut or years old. Rely on our complete removal process, including trimming low branches and clearing brush around the site.

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Stump Removal

We eliminate large and small stumps left behind from tree cutting or storm damage, grinding away the entire root system with advanced equipment operated by our trained technicians. Trust us for responsible stump removal, backfill, debris hauling, and site restoration.

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Tree Cutting

When tree removal in West Bloomfield is necessary on your property, trust our skilled arborists to execute tree cutting properly. Using advanced techniques and equipment, we ethically remove unhealthy or damage-posed trees, improve views, prep lots for construction, maintain tree health, and handle storm damage emergencies.

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Tree Root Removal

When invasive, damaged, or obstructing tree roots compromise the health and safety of your West Bloomfield landscape, rely on our specialized tree root removal services. Using advanced grinding equipment, our trained technicians eliminate problem roots without harming the tree or surrounding property.

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Residential Tree Removal

When homeowners need unhealthy, overgrown, or storm-damaged trees removed from their property, they turn to us. We make tree cutting quick and hassle-free, handling debris removal, stump grinding, emergency services, and more. With roots in our community, we're committed to exceptional service.

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Commercial Tree Removal

With over a decade as West Bloomfield's trusted commercial tree removal specialists, property managers rely on us to restore safety and aesthetics when unhealthy trees pose hazards to businesses, municipalities, campuses, and associations. Our arborists evaluate needs from landscaping vision to structural vulnerabilities.

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We used West Bloomfield Tree Service & Removal to remove several trees and we were completely satisfied. The company's customer service is top-notch. We highly recommend them for any tree or landscaping needs you have!
– Jeff & Amy F.
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Expert Tree Care in West Bloomfield, MI

With ISA Certified Arborists leading our extensively trained crews, West Bloomfield Tree Service & Removal uses ethical, environmentally responsible processes to provide exceptional tree care that keeps residential and commercial properties across southeast Michigan beautiful, healthy, and safe for generations.

Tree Pruning

Our professional arborists expertly prune and trim trees using industry best practices to encourage healthy growth while enhancing the aesthetic appeal and safety of your residential or commercial landscape.

Promotes tree health
Enhances aesthetics
Reduces safety hazards

Tree Shaping

Our artful tree shaping services utilize specialized shaping techniques to carefully guide the natural growth patterns and silhouettes of young specimen trees on your residential or commercial property.

Creates aesthetic appeal
Guides healthy growth
Realizes long-term visions

Shrub Trimming

Through careful, timely trimming of overgrown branches, misshapen sections, and spent blooms, our landscaping teams expertly maintain the intended size, shape, and seasonal beauty of ornamental shrubs.

Encourages healthy growth
Maintains sizes & shapes
Improves curb appeal

Cabling & Bracing

Our professional cabling and bracing services reinforce tree limbs and trunks to provide supplemental structural support, reducing the risk of damage while helping sustain the longevity of beloved, mature trees.

Stabilizes weak branches
Reduces failure risk
Extends tree life

Tree Planting

When enhancing your residential or commercial landscape, rely on our tree planting services to professionally select, strategically place, and expertly establish trees for optimal growth and functionality.

Adds aesthetic appeal
Provides functionality
Ensures viability

Tree Disease 

Our tree health care technicians efficiently diagnose and treat infectious diseases like blights, fungal growths, bacteria, and more, using environmentally responsible methods. Call us for a FREE assessment.

Preserves tree health
Maintains beauty and function
Extends longevity

Tree Trimming

With years of caring for West Bloomfield's urban forest, our ISA Certified Arborists artfully trim trees using proper techniques to selectively remove branches that improve tree structure, health, and aesthetics without harming the tree.

Optimizes tree health
Enhances visual appeal
Reduces safety hazards

Tree Transplanting

When construction, new landscaping visions, or other site changes demand relocating mature, treasured shade trees on your property, have confidence in our expert tree transplanting services to carefully preserve their splendor.

Preserves mature trees
Allows for design flexibility
Reduces establishment time
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Have You Heard About Our Other Services in West Bloomfield?

In addition to exceptional tree care and removal services, our teams offer related landscaping solutions, including lawn maintenance, lot clearing, and sustainable landscape design, to fully transform overlooked spaces into showpieces that optimize functionality and curb appeal.


Our skilled landscaping crews implement sustainable designs, transforming properties through quality hardscaping and planting - schedule a free consultation regarding patios, retaining walls, gardens, lawn renovations, and maintenance.

Land Clearing

When preparing residential or commercial properties for construction and development, rely on our responsible land-clearing crews utilizing proper tree removal and deforestation techniques to reshape the natural environment's endless potential.

Lawn Care

From spring cleanups to fall bed preps, our lawn care teams provide mowing, fertilization, core aeration, overseeding, and more using premium equipment and treatments tailored to nurture thick, green grass that elevates your property's healthy curb appeal.

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